Are you bored? Don't worry, rent a man for $10 an hour

Japan is well known for its vast array of escort services, here is a one - If you are feeling lonely, you can rent a Japanese middle aged man for $10 an hour. Now you must be wondering, a man for your entertainment ? The service, known as Ossan Rental (or “Middle-Aged Guy Rental”),  is the newest bizarre rental service in Japan. The service allows you to rent an average middle-aged Japanese guy for 1,000 yen ($10) an hour. The service can be beneficial for people who wants a helpful, mature fellow to lend an ear or helping hand.

If you need someone (but a guy) to pay attention to you, Ossan rental service is just perfect for you. You can hire a college lecturer in fashion and styling from Osaka, or Mikio Sendou, a former baseball player, a sports commentator from Gifu Prefecture and the 46-year old Takanobu Nishimoto, a buddy to play games with, a conversation partner, someone to run errands for you and a nice guy - like a best friend - who can go shopping with you.

Well, if you are a Japanese, then you should try it (for a strange change if you want to) once and see if it really works. Book your guy right here - Ossan Rental Service.

When there are hot girls available, then why pay for guys just to make your mood nicer ? Can you pay $10 to someone who is ready to - listen to your dreams & your love story, go for a drive and teach manners ? If your answer is now, you're right, but this service is unique.

This is not the only crazy service in this Asian country. Other insane services include  rent-a handsome-boyfriend service ,  rent-a-friend and  rent-a-bare-thigh advertising service.


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