"Day and Night" Cake

This Is What Happens When The Groom And The Bride Don't Agree On The Cake...

The Groom and the Bride couldn't reach an agreement on the wedding cake, so they decided to go with both ideas. She wanted some traditional type cake but he refused and said - "I want "Batman like". This is the result - 
By day it's just an ordinary Wedding Cake, at night, it's a Batman cake.

It looks like they both love each other very much, don't they ? They're going to be very happy
Well, we must say - a great compromise, but if this is the case then what about the house and the kids !


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  1. One wonders if these stories are even real. If you look closely, there are other cakes with index cards showing prices. Obviously this had nothing to do with a wedding but more to do with a show of sorts.