Beirut restaurant offers discount to diners who hand over their phones during dinner

Would You Part With Your Cell Phone During Dinner for a 10 Percent Discount ?

A small restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon gives customers a 10 per cent discount on food for leaving their cellphones at the door. All you need to do is - hand your phones over to staff during your meals, and the restaurant will offer you a 10% discount on food.

 It is an effort to get patrons to interact with the people seated in front of them. Some people like to, in fact many, enjoy their food by taking a picture of their meal and immediately post it on their Facebook page or Instagram, and you can't miss calls ! but what if you could receive a discount for keeping your phone off ? If you live around this restaurant you should enjoy a meal there without being on your phone. 

"Bedivere will give you 10% discount if you leave your phone in our custody & socialize," reads a sign. 'Tired from going out to places where people are just sitting with a drink and socializing with their mobile phone?" reads the establishment's website. "If YES is your answer, Bedivere is your place!"

In recent years, smartphones have become an important part of our lives, so do you think small step could help ?


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