Parents are smart too...

 Well, this is the 21st century friends, so if you think you parents don't know how you pass your time, you are probably wrong. They know that you just love surfing the internet. You use Facebook too much and like texting and also use other social networking websites. These parents know how to make their children do some work, so for some kids using Wi-Fi is not as easy as it is for others. Kinda funny -

This is what parenting done right looks like
Giving kids rewards for simply participating in the household is counter-productive. Parents want you to take responsibility.

Are these parents doing it right ?


  1. Yes, they are doing it right. I will explain why I say that. Children are receptacles of learning. It is a parents job to teach them. Parents must therefore help the be motivated to what is right. This takes discipline to build a habit. So, you provide incentive to do it right as opposed to making the Wi-Fi into a "right" in the perception of the children it becomes what it is to you. Something you get because you go to work and earn money to pay for it. Television, \X-Box, Skateboards, Bicycles, all these and many many more are things we get because we work. If we want to instill a work ethic in our children it is not enough to simply go to work every day, we must teach them to work and provide a reward system. After all, we get a paycheck and that is a reward.

  2. This is not a good way to make kids do work