The luckiest man ever

Man Survives Near Fatal Heart Attack Then Wins Lottery On Live TV

Bill Morgan, 38, an Australian truck driver, was seriously injured during a truck accident. He was declared dead for 14 minuted and lived unscathed. After being revived by doctors, Morgan slipped into a coma for 12 days, during which time his family was advised to unplug his life support twice, but his family members refused. Then Bill's luck began to change, he unexpectedly woke up from the coma without any permanent damage. Don't go anywhere, keep reading, that was just beginning of his lucky story. 

He got a new job with a higher salary, proposed to his beautiful girlfriend which she accepted. He purchased a scratch off lottery ticket at his local news stand. Bill scratched the ticket off and realized he had just won a $27,000 brand new car. That wasn't it. A local news station was very interested in his story and decided to shoot an episode of human interest story on him. Scroll down for the video.

To make the episode interesting they decided to re-create Bill's purchasing and scratching off the ticket right on camera. And now you won't believe what happened. He won again, yes and this (second) time the ticket Bill purchased for the re-enactment ended up being a $250,000 winner.

So do you think destiny has something in mind for everyone ?


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