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The only human who is not contained in the frame of this picture -

You now must be thinking - "What does it mean", right ?

Michael Collins, an astronaut, took this picture, and he is considered as the only human being in the known universe not within the frame of the image (above). 

 Born on October 31, 1930, Michael Collins is one of only 24 people to have flown to the Moon. These 24 people are also the only people to have directly viewed the far side of the Moon. Just five people of this group had Gemini flight experience. Collins flew as Command Module Pilot on Apollo 11. No other human being has gone beyond low Earth orbit. We're all in a limit, and this limit can be guessed from this image.


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  1. Not taking anything away from the fact only 24 people have flown to the moon but is it not true that the far side of the moon is visible to us here on Earth depending where you are located. In America you would see a different side that you would in say Australia.